Beginner Kickboxing & Muay Thai Classes

Induction Class

Your first introduction to Thai Boxing at Gosport Martial Arts will be an induction lesson. This will introduce you to the main punching, kicking and kneeing techniques used in our Thai Boxing classes. You will also be shown how to stand using the correct stance and how to move correctly. You will need to wear normal gym clothing that is fairly flexible. Thai Boxing is practised in bare feet so you will not need any special footwear. All other equipment is supplied for you.

Beginner Classes

Your first lessons are all conducted using pads with a training partner. You will learn how to combine individual striking techniques into combinations. We will also introduce you to defensive methods, ‘The Clinch’ and how you how to hold pads for all of the basic striking techniques. If you choose to commit to our Thai Boxing classes then we will advise you to buy your own equipment. We have a special arrangement setup with THAIBOXINGSTORE.CO.UK to help make buying your equipment cheaper.

Adult Thai Boxing Classes

Once you have developed in the beginner class you will move into our Adult Thai Boxing class. In these classes we will help you to refine attacking and defensive techniques, strategy and ring craft, develop your fitness, strength, flexibility and strike conditioning. Thai Boxing is a deep and rich martial art that is fulfilling when you achieve your goals. The direction you take with your training is entirely up to you. Our students goals range from fitness development to taking part in full contact fights. We are here to help you achieve your own goals and to help you become a fitter, healthier and better you.

gosport martial arts adult classes
gosport martial arts adult classes
gosport martial arts adult classes

Muay Thai Gradings

We offer all of our students the opportunity to grade their progress. Our teaching syllabus is based around a 10 level grading structure. The lower levels starts with basic techniques for beginners and as you progress the assessments become more complex. The higher levels assess advanced defence and counters techniques along with ring craft and technical precision.

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940 ft² Training Area

punch bags

Punch Bag Stations

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12′ x 12′ Boxing Ring

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On Site Changing Facilities