Our Ladies Kickboxing classes are fantastic, fun and full of energy. Come along to get fit, learn a new skill and make new friends.

You can join these classes at any level, from beginner through to the more advanced martial artist.

Ladies Kickboxing for Beginners

Our ladies kick boxing classes are for people who has never tried or experienced a martial art before.

The aim of your first few weeks is to introduce you to all the basic techniques of kickboxing. These techniques will give you a running start for our weekly ladies kickboxing sessions so you can make the most out of time spent in the gym.


– Jab
– Cross
– Hooks and Uppercuts


– Front Kicks
– Thai Kicks
– Side Kicks


– Front Knees
– Side Knees


– Side Elbow
– Circular Elbow
– Upward Elbow


Once you have learnt the basic techniques you will then start to learn how to link them together to create combinations.


– Comfortable clothes you are happy to exercise in
– a water bottle
– a towel

We supply all the equipment needed for each session, but you are welcome to bring a pair of boxing gloves if you own a pair.


You can burn around 664 calories during a one hour gym session.

Ladies Kickboxing – developing your skills and fitness

The GMA Ladies kickboxing classes are for those who have either previous experience of kickboxing or martial arts and for those who have completed our kick boxing course for beginners.

Our Ladies Kickboxing classes have been developed to help you build your fitness, coordination and technique through creative and fun pad combinations whilst working with a training partner.

Our aim is for our students to enjoy exercise, build friendship and help them develop a healthier exercise oriented lifestyle.

gosport martial arts ladies kickboxing fitness class
gosport martial arts ladies kickboxing fitness class
gosport martial arts ladies kickboxing fitness class
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